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CFO Leadership Summit

A Buyers’ Show

Here’s your chance to meet qualified lead than any other event you have attended. Don’t miss out on this once a year opportunity to meet your target audience who are motivated to buy.

Top Level Delegates

At the IMS summit 2018, every delegate is stringently pre-qualified to make the event worth your while and ensure that you meet only the top-notch decision makers from forward thinking organizations.

One-to-One Meetings

Exclusive meetings set in an exclusive business environment between the partners and the delegates.

Speed Networking

Take advantage of the endless networking opportunities with industry experts & familiarize yourself with the most up-to-date information to share with your team.

Heightened Visibility

Being there at this exclusive IMS summit gives you the competitive edge to be in front of your existing and potential clients along with our vigorous marketing campaigns.

Wish list

A chance to share a list of target client and they would be invited to the exclusive event.

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Key Discussions

● Automation | Agility | Non-Financial Considerations - Three Key Trends That
   Will Impact CFOs in 2018.
● Artificial Intelligence – the most important Technology trend in Financial
● Blockchain: Real-time, Risk-free & Revolutionary.
● Budget 2018
● Data analytics – Right information, Right hands
● Financial Leadership & Talent Development
● Government Regulations & Foreign Direct Investment